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Choose to...

Work hard.

Stand out.

Try things no one has ever done before.

Do you know it will take work?

Dedicate time to the goal at hand. Wake up early, and go to bed late. Spend hours investing in your dream. And if you have a split moment where you don’t think it will be worth it? Then remember why you started in the first place & jump right back in the saddle.

Afraid to stand out?

My question to you would be… why? Let me remind you, friend, there is only ONE of you on this entire Earth. I invite you to read that sentence again and let it settle into your mind. You (yes, YOU) were put on this earth for a purpose. Find your purpose & never stop working towards what inspires you most.

Worried to try something no one has ever done before?

Then be the FIRST. I know… scary right? But the only person in your life holding you back is yourself. There are going to be times in life you will be afraid to take the leap of faith, afraid of what people will say/think, and most definitely will be times you’ll be afraid it won’t “work out”. Have faith in your dream, have faith in yourself, and have faith that God will carry your story out in full.

Now go re-write your goals and center yourself on your dream. Because you already have all that it takes, queen.

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