Angelina Amerigo

Miss Heart of the Lakes 2020-2021

It’s my privilege to share my interests, stories, photos, and skills with you. I am humbled and honored to be competing for the title of Miss Minnesota and looking forward to this unforgettable journey.


About Me

My name is Angelina Amerigo and I am a pollution reduction advocate, dancer, and the current Miss Heart of the Lakes with the Miss America organization. My social impact initiative is to bring the topic of the over-usage of plastic alive! It’s time to clean up our oceans, rivers, lakes, and protect our precious marine life! 
I hope that you join me on this journey to the Miss Minnesota stage!


You are exactly where you need to be.

Reminder; you are exactly where you need to be, everything you’re going through is leading you to where you want to be✨ As the second...

Meet Angelina Amerigo...

My name is Angelina Amerigo, and I will be representing Miss Heart of the Lakes at the Miss Minnesota competition in June 2021! My social...


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