"One Bottle, One Straw, One Bag at A Time"
Content Creator, Videographer, and Photographer!
Dance Teacher and Mentor to my students at DelMonico Dance in Lakeland, MN!


Angelina Amerigo is a Presidential Honors Student studying business at Minnesota State Online College. Online school and college has allowed Angelina to pursue her passion for the performing arts, opening up the world for her to work with top performers around the country. She has worked side by side with Broadway professionals and award-winning choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, and more! She is a Four-time National Triple Threat award recipient (actor, singer, dancer) and has won numerous awards and performing arts scholarships which earned her a leadership role on a national dance tour as a pro-faculty assistant. She is currently a Double Major in Business and Musical Theater, and is a highly proficient filmmaker.  

Growing up in the performing arts, Angelina had her first national commercial at age 8. She has continued to act and model since then, with companies such as Best Buy, Pillsbury, Twin Cities Live, and more. 

For the last 3 years, Angelina been bringing awareness to the importance of reduction of one-time-use plastics, preserving our lakes, rivers, oceans, and protecting marine life. 'One Bottle, One Straw, One Bag at a Time' is her initiative, and her goal is to bring the ocean plastic crisis to life. She has done so by speaking and attending dozens of events reaching an audience of over 9,700 people. Recently, her Initiative was featured on the Miss America Instagram on Earth Day, gaining over 30K views to date.

Angelina applies her unique ability to create informative social media and serves in a Global leadership role with Rotary International as the Communications and Marketing Director for the Environmental eClub. She has raised over $9,500 for the Miss Minnesota Scholarship fund through selling of ad pages and through service work. She is proud to have been awarded over $6,000 in Educational Scholarships during her time of service with The Miss Minnesota Organization.


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Meet Angelina...

I’m Angelina Amerigo, Miss West Central 2023...

But I’m also a dancer, choreographer, content creator, & environmentalist!